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A Warning to Home Care Agencies: Brush Up on Marketing Compliance

Health Care Practice Group Partner Rachel Hold-Weiss was recently quoted in a McKnights article.

The article addresses key advice for home care and home health agencies regarding compliance training for their marketing teams, as marketing representatives require different training than most home care staff. This is because they come into direct contact with numerous referral providers and could be at greater risk of violating federal kickback regulations.

During a recent webinar sponsored by the National Association for Home Care & Hospice, Hold-Weiss asked the participants to consider the following scenario as an example: “If you have a doctor who all of a sudden is referring 30% of your patients in a two-week time period, what happened?” suggesting this change could raise a red flag. “It could be legitimate. It doesn’t necessarily have to be nefarious, but what changed? What is going on?”

She added that while marketers are supposed to help obtain referrals, “If you have one outlier in marketing, then either that is one of the best marketers that has come around in years or that marketer is doing something improper.”

To read the McKnights article, click here.


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